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Steven Liu, a student of ours, has unfortunately taken his own life today due to bullying and abuse by others. He didn’t deserve any of it. Steven was well know around campus. He was smart. He was talented. He enjoyed taking photos (shown by some of his photos above). He was athletic, he ran for cross country and track. And he was friendly. He would always wave to everyone and would offer to take your picture to put in his personal scrapbook. He would sometimes even offer you a snack or even a dollar to buy a snack if you were hungry.

He was also something else. I knew something was wrong with him. Steven was constantly hard in himself. Once in my class, for example, we were supposed I recite a poem we were supposed to memorize. He did great, but when he was done, he ran back to his set yelling he did a bad job as our teacher tried telling him other wise. Anyways this was his last year at our school.

When I was driving home I saw a figure sitting on top of the bridge. I did not know it was him. Hours later, I found out someone committed suicide by jumping. I found out it was him. I am still mad at myself. I could’ve helped and prevented it.

We paid or respects on that bridge (as shown by the third picture). The blood is still stained on the road.

Unfortunately, someone thought otherwise of his death, thinking he was “weak” and a “dumb ass.” I’m making this post not only as a memorial for a fellow classmate, but to also spread awareness of the causes of bullying and to please talk to Swaggy Younq Garcia about his ignorant comment.

Rest in Paradise, Steven Liu. We will never forget you.

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